Top 4 Best Selling Wireless Gamepads That You Can Buy in 2022

A wireless gamepad is an ideal accessory to any gaming PC when you’re playing games that require platforming, puzzles or classic games or when you’re more comfortable using the controller. Microsoft’s most recent Xbox Wireless Controller–the same that you’d get to play with the Xbox Series X or S–is the most reliable controller for PC gaming since it’s comfortable, and it’s supported by the majority of games.

However, if you already have an Xbox One game console or a controller that you like that you have, whether it’s an older Xbox One gamepad or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you don’t have to shell out more on the right controller for your computer.

Here is the list of our best-selling wireless gamepads that you can buy in 2022 – 

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  1. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft’s controller is very comfortable to hold and comes with integrated Windows support. All you have to do is plug it into and it will work with virtually every game that uses the controller. 

The console is almost exactly the same as the old Xbox One controller–it adds a Share button for videos and images, utilises the USB-C port and comes with a revamped eight-way directional pad, however it’s hard to distinguish. It’s a tried and true model that’s reliable and the vast majority of PC games come with buttons and controls that assume that you’re making use of the Xbox controller (or one that has an Xbox-style layout for buttons). The most significant drawback is that you’ll need an AA battery or an in-built rechargeable battery pack when you intend to use wireless devices (most other controllers come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, at the moment).

  1. Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

The Sony PlayStation 4 controller is a more comfortable option if you have smaller hands. Additionally, it comes with a rechargeable battery, as well as nicer-feeling analog sticks. 

It also has some great additional options that the Xbox controller doesn’t have including an internal rechargeable battery as well as an integrated touchpad that simulates the mouse’s click. However, making it compatible with non-Steam Windows and macOS games requires a bit of effort. Additionally, headsets that are plugged into its audio jack do not function properly on computers unless you purchase Sony’s USB wireless adapter. A lot of games use an Xbox button layout which means that it’s a bit difficult to understand when the game’s buttons aren’t labelled with the buttons on the controller. We find DualShock 4 because it’s DualShock 4 better for PC gaming than that of the PS 5’s DualSense controller. It suffers from similar issues, however, it is larger physically and costs more.

  1. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox

This official-licensed clone is slightly less expensive however, it is very similar to Microsoft’s Xbox gamepad. It typically costs about one-third the cost

If you’re looking to invest less and aren’t averse to wiring the PowerA Advanced Connected Controller that is compatible with Xbox offers the majority of the features offered by Microsoft’s latest controller at half the cost. The analog buttons and sticks are comfortable enough for lengthy gaming sessions. Additionally, because it’s compatible with the Xbox console it makes use of the excellent Xbox controller capabilities that are integrated with the consoles of Windows as well as Steam. When compared to other budget controllers, the PowerA controller feels more comfortable when held in your hand and the audio quality of the headset jack is much better. The PowerA controller also comes with handy Mute and volume buttons, and additional buttons for setting up the handles.

  1. Retroflag Classic USB Gaming Controller

If you love playing old games and would like an authentic experience this is one of the SNES-style controllers.

If you like the retro (or retro-throwback) games that don’t require the additional buttons, sticks, or triggers found in modern controllers A simpler gamepad could offer a genuine experience. Retroflag Classic Wired USB Gaming Controller Retro Flag Classic Wireless USB Gaming Controller is an exact replica of the exact replica Super Nintendo controllers that come with the SNES Classic Edition or the SNES controllers Nintendo creates for the Nintendo Switch. Its buttons are comfortable, quick and responsive and it comes with a Turbo feature to aid in repeated button mashing. Additionally, it’s compatible when used with Windows, macOS, and the majority of retro gaming software that comes from the box. However, it’s not the best match for the majority of contemporary games, which need more buttons and thumbsticks than the old SNES-style controllers.

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If you’re looking for the best selling wireless gamepads that you can buy in 2022, then Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller is the best choice for you. This router has seen several improvements over the years and offers a more premium feel at a very affordable price. This router surely offers a more accessible and comfortable gaming experience like no other.

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