Best Wi-fi Routers for Home in India 2022

A broadband Wi-Fi router can be described as an electronic device that receives signals from a modem and converts them into wireless signals. It then sends the signal to all Wi-Fi devices within its range.

A wireless router’s functionality: The internet flows through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), via optical cable or DSL, and ends at your modem (located within your home or workplace).

The modem is connected to the WIFI router via a LAN cable. This receives the signal from the modem, converts it into radio and then sends it out to all wireless devices that have built-in antennas. If you’re looking to buy a wifi router for your home, then this article will help you out. 

Let’s take a look at the best Wi-Fi routers for home and office that you can consider in 2022 –

Wi-fi Router for Home
  1. TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi Fi Router

The TP-Link AC1750 router utilizes the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard which almost triples the speed of the 802.11n standard. Two bands are supported by the router, including 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This reduces latency and supports high-bandwidth activities like streaming HD content and gaming. This is ideal for offices and homes that require faster speeds and greater range. The integrated technologies, such as dual-band and bandwidth priority (QoS) and three antennas, are designed to deliver Wi-Fi signals over a greater range and at a higher speed.

  1. ASUS AX6000 Gaming Router, RT-AX88U

ASUS HTML6000 router is capable of delivering 6 Gbps speeds and features 4 antennas as well as 8 LAN ports to provide greater coverage. This dual-band 4×4 router has speeds up to 6000 Mbps and 1148Mbps on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths. This wireless router is ideal for both home and business use. It offers high-speed, long-range, security and speed. This router integrates the most recent OFDMA (Multiple Access With Orthogonal Frequency Division) technologies. It makes maximum use of its bandwidth and has a lower latency.

  1. TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

The TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi portable router is an award-winning dual-band Wi-Fi router that uses 802.11ac technology. The 2.4 GHz band works well for surfing, emailing, and other activities. While the 5GHz band is best for high-speed activities like streaming HD content or online gaming, the 5GHz band can be used for more intense activities, such as streaming HD content, streaming, and online gaming.

  1. Tenda AC1200 fiber router wifi dual band

TendaAC 1200 connects four times as many devices to Wi-Fi 6 than Wi-Fi 5. You can stream movies in Ultra HD 4K/8K and video calling without any delay at 1.8GHz. Tenda routers support 20 devices, allowing you to cover as much as 1,500 square feet in your home or office with 1.5 times faster data transfer. It has a quad-core processor of 1.5 GHz, 512 RAM and 4 Gigabit LAN ports for ultra-fast connectivity to computers, gaming consoles and streaming players. 

  1. TP-Link N450 Router TL-WR940N for Home

It’s multifunctional and the most affordable wireless router.. It uses 802.11n technology which is 15 times faster than 802.11g and has a 5x greater range. It can be used in small offices and homes for wired and wireless networks.

  1. NETGEAR Orbi 4G LTE Mesh Wi-Fi Router For Pc (LBR20).

This fiber wifi router’s uniqueness is that it can be used with certain Orbi satellites in order to create a Wi-Fi network covering 2,000 feet. It features an integrated 4G LTE modem and is certified by AT&T and T-Mobile. The advanced tri-band technology of the network uses a third Wi-Fi connection between your satellite and router to ensure maximum speed in dead zones. While the two other bands are used to maximize speed across all your devices, Its Armor security, a multilayered security guard, protects your home network against anti-malware and data theft via online attacks. You can use it as a backup internet connection if your primary one fails. All you have to do is insert a Nano-SIM Card.

  1. Linksys AC1750 Smart WiFi Router Home Networking

LinksysAC1750 can be used for small houses with approximately 1500 Sq. Ft. The route has the capability to support 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. This dual-band Wi-Fi 5 router supports 4K HD streaming and gaming with no buffering. The app is free and allows you to prioritize the frequency band on the device. It also lets you control the use of your device by children.

Final thoughts

Recent advancements in Wi-Fi technology have significantly improved how we use the internet to stay connected with speed and security. As technology improves, Wi-Fi connectivity continues to perform better. Because of its ease-of-use, installation, safety, and widespread use, it is widely used. You can go with any one of the wireless routers mentioned above that suits your specific needs. We’ve curated some of the best routers in the market. 

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